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Catechesis @ The Gathering

+ A place of faith seeking understanding, a place to explore, and ask questions

+ A guide into the life of the Triune God

+ A sharing in the abundant life that Jesus promised


WHEN? (schedules vary so check ahead with Fr. Scott or Fr. Edward)

WHERE? In the Fellowship hall at St. Paul's

Catechesis has been a ministry in the Church for over 2,000 years. “Catechesis” (from the Greek word κατήχησις) simply means "instruction by word of mouth." At the Gathering, we offer many different courses throughout the year taught by various instructors – lay and ordained.  Our Catechesis ministry is for those seeking to go deeper into the fullness of the faith, or for those simply wanting to explore Christian spirituality.


Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend!

Please Join us!


Join the catechesis SLACK channel #catechesis for the current schedule and to JOIN the conversation.

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